Who’s Who

Now for a lot of you, reading the published book version of Fifty Shades of Grey was absolutely normal. The characters were completely new to you. Now for me, reading the fanfiction of Master of the Universe was completely different from reading the published version in the sense that the characters names were changed from the Twilight names. For example, in MOTU, Anastasia Steele is Bella Swan, and Christian Grey is Edward Cullen. I thought it would be helpful for those of you that are in the same boat as me (trying to figure out who’s who) to provide you with a list of Who’s Who from Twilight –> Fifty Shades of Grey.

MOTU Character Name FSoG Character Name
Edward Cullen Christian Grey
Bella Swan Anastasia Steele
Emmett Cullen Elliot Grey
Rosalie Hale Kate Kavanagh
Jasper Hale Ethan Kavanagh
Alice Cullen Mia Grey
Jacob Black José Luis Rodriguez
Carlisle Cullen Carrick Grey
Esme Cullen Dr. Grace Trevelyan Grey
Renee Dwyer Carla May Wilks
Charlie Swan Ray Steele
Phil Robbin “Bob” Adams
Irina “Mrs. Robinson” Elena Lincoln
James Smith Jack Hyde
Victoria Morgan Elizabeth Morgan
Lauren Leila Williams
Kate Ros Bailey
Dr. Banner Dr. John Flynn
Taylor Jason Taylor
Gail Cope Gail Jones
Echo Charlie Charlie Tango

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