Month: February 2014

NEW Video of Jamie Dornan on The Graham Norton Show

HOLY HOTNESS! Jamie Dornan could not be any hotter or cuter or or or …. I can’t even type anymore! Here’s a clip of his first talk show appearance since getting the role of Christian Grey … on my favorite British talk show, The Graham Norton Show 🙂 We posted the HQ pictures of Mr. Sexy here.

Via: Fifty Shades of Jamie Dornan


Jamie Dornan To Appear on ‘The Graham Norton Show’ This Week

According to the Graham Norton Twitter account, Jamie Dornan will make his first talk show appearance since he took the role of Christian Grey in Fifty Shades of Grey. Hopefully Graham can squeeze out some details about filming! Can’t wait for this .. I’ve always been a HUGE fan of Graham Norton because he knows how to make his celebrity guests loosen up and reveal funny, embarrassing stories about themselves 😉


Pics of Jamie Dornan Departing From Vancouver Airport – Feb 22

Here are pics of Jamie Dornan arriving at the Vancouver to head home. Fifty Shades of Grey recently wrapped, evience of which was posted by EL James. Jamie was accompanied by his wife and newborn (we didn’t post these pictures because we don’t think it’s fair for a newborn to be photographed).

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