Kelly Marcel Talks Writing the ‘Fifty’ Script

Vanity Fair got an exclusive interview with the screenwriter of Fifty Shades of Grey. She talks about having the help of EL James and …. porn ….

Was the process of adapting Fifty Shades of Grey additionally stressful given how many loyal fans there are of the novel, and how anticipated the film is? No. There is a book. . . there [was] a template to follow on that one. It’s all laid out. So no, I didn’t worry about it. I had E.L. James with me every step of the way and she is very, very tied to her fan base and she really wants to make the film that they’ll be happy with. She knows her fans. She knows her audience. She knows her book, so having her around was invaluable because you can’t really go wrong when the author is overseeing it. I think it was a great thing.

Did anything in adapting the process surprise you?

I think I was surprised by how lovely everyone was and how easy it was. Everyone was kind of allowed to do their job which you don’t think is going to happen when it’s so enormous like that.

Did you watch anything on TV for reference while writing Fifty Shades?

Apart from the porn? Lots of porn. No, there wasn’t really anything. I didn’t for Fifty Shades.

Source: Vanity Fair


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